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Do Men Have Pelvic Floor Muscles

Symmetry Physio - Thursday, November 02, 2017

Surprisingly for some men, the answer is YES men do have pelvic floor muscles.


Where are Male Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Your pelvic floor muscles lie inside the pelvic bones.Men exercising in gym

The deeper layer of muscle sits directly underneath the prostate and help maintain your urinary continence.

The more superficial layer can be felt at the base if your testes and it helps to maintain an erection and pushes out the last few drops of urine in the tube.

WHAT do my pelvic floor muscles do?

Stop you from leaking urine or stool

Helps with urine leakage by closing the urine tube (urethra), 20cm long. Stops stool leaking by helping the anal canal to maintain good closure pressures.

Maintain normal sexual function

Your pelvic floor muscles help to hold the blood in the inflatable sinuses on either side of the penis this helps maintain an erection. Additionally, if the pelvic floor muscles are too tight intimacy can cause pain sometimes within the testes or on the head of the penis and sometimes pain can be felt in the lower abdomen.

HOW do I activate my pelvic floor muscles?

Below are a few cues to help you activate your pelvic floor muscles:

Back Passage

Function: Control stools, wind

Action: Imagine you are holding wind in or squeeze around your back passage or anal sphincter and lift up and in

Middle section

Function: Helps remove last few drops of urine and helps maintain blood in the erect penis

Action: Lift your testes towards your stomach. Imagine you are walking into a cold ocean

Front Section

Function: Control of urine

Action: Imagine you are holding on to a full bladder

Imagine you are retracting the base of your penis

Imagine your penis is like a telescope that can fold back inside itself, or imagine your penis is like the head of a turtle pulling back inside the shell

HOW MANY should I be able to do?

Healthy male

3 sets of 10 repetitions of 10 seconds hold in standing.

HOW often?

Daily or bring them in when you lift.

In this way, you are doing them functionally throughout every day.

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