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Summer Triathlon Series -3

Symmetry Physio - Monday, February 26, 2018

Ever wondered why you get injured?

Why do triathletes get injured?

  • You go too far, or too fast, too soon:
                      This causes injuries, where your body does not get a chance to adapt to the load you put it through. The musculoskeletal system can take longer to adapt then the cardiovascular system. If you follow the general rule of only increasing your training distance or intensity by 10% per week you should reduce your chance of developing overuse injuries.

  • You have insufficient core and pelvic strength:
It is important to be strong through your pelvis and core region as this helps to ensure sufficient running, riding and swimming technique. It helps to ensure that your load is correctly transferred through your body thus, reducing your injury risk.

  • Your bike is not correctly set up:
Incorrect bike fit can lead to multiple injuries. If you are noticing any pain on the bike, it is important to get your bike fit looked at. This helps to ensure your bikes are not contributing to your pain.

  • You don't allow your body to rest:
Rest is important as it allows the body to adapt to the stress of the exercises. The muscles repair, rebuild and strengthen during the rest periods. Rest is important both psychologically and physiologically, it allows the body to replenish your energy store and repair the damaged tissue. Rest days are critical to sports performance and not having rest days can result in poor performance and injury.

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