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Symmetry Physio - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Key points to remember when transitioning.

The Ride to Run Transition

During a triathlon, the transition from the ride to run is often more difficult and is a time when your body is susceptible to injury.

When you get off the bike there is a lag time before your running technique reaches its optimal level. This is somewhat of a concern as the run provides the highest risk of injury. When you transition from the bike to the run there is a significant change to the muscle contractions in your legs and the load on your body.

In the first few km's of the run, you are more susceptible to lower back and knee pain. You also have a reduced ability to dissipate load forces through your legs which further increases the load on the lumbo-sacral region and the knees. The longer your bike leg, the longer it takes for your body to regain its neuromuscular control and the elastic efficiency of the muscles, in order to regain your correct running technique.

It is not necessary to run after every ride. However, in your training, it is important to integrate come bike-run transition training so you are ready for race day.

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