What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is an allied health discipline that is closely aligned with medicine. It is an evidence based practise founded around  sound medical science and research.

A Physiotherapist is a health care professional who practices physiotherapy specialising in maximising human movement and function, and treating musculoskeletal pain. A physiotherapist may work with someone after injury, accident or surgery, or may work to prevent injury for instance with sporting clubs or in the workplace.

Physiotherapy treatment is usually quite gentle and is very safe, whenever possible incorporating appropriate exercises as part of a well rounded rehabilitation approach. Treatment techniques commonly used by physiotherapists include joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling and electrotherapy in combination with education and exercise. Treatment and rehabilitation will be specific to a particular injury or condition, tailored for an individual's needs, and based on available medical research to ensure optimal results are always achieved. 

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