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End of Triathlon Season

Symmetry Physio - Monday, April 23, 2018

Some tips on how to keep training and get ready for the next season.

Tips for the End of Triathlon Season

With the triathlon season over many of you are probably ready to have a break, get those niggles under control, have a sleep in and enjoy some down time before you get ready for next season. The pre-season is the most important time for your triathlon preparation and having a good pre-season will help to ensure you have a great racing season.

The goals of your pre-season should be to prepare the body for the next season. This will include developing a base level of conditioning, starting to prepare the body for intense training, to manage any injuries and to address any muscle imbalance.

Many athletes don't realise how quickly the body can regress back to pre-training levels. Even two weeks of not training can lead to a significant decline in cardiovascular fitness, Not exercising for two to eight months leads to a loss of virtually all fitness gains. So, after the triathlon season, it is good to have a small break to get those niggles under control, give your body a chance to recover and to have a mental rest but it is important to not let this break last too long.

You could do some cross training or spend more time in the gym, you will regret stopping altogether when you try to get going again. If you totally stop you will lose a bulk of your fitness which will mean you have to slowly re-build your training intensity and duration. A rapid change in training will increase your chance of injury.

Sometimes it is hard to keep motivated with such a long break between triathlon seasons. However, you could look at doing some duathlons or fun runs to help keep you motivated. Remember pre-season sets the base for in-season, and consistency is the key to good racing outcomes.

Enjoy the off-season, let Symmetry Physiotherapy help with any injuries or concerns and keep training.

Aimee Lane

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