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Make the most of your Clinical Pilates Sessions

Symmetry Physio - Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Wondering how to get the most out of you Pilates Sessions?


5 Tips to make the most of your Clinical Pilates Sessions!

Tip 1: Arrive on Time (even a few minutes early!)

Being on time will allow you to properly warm up, prime your muscles for the work to come.


Tip 2: Demonstrate Pilates Etiquette :)

Bring your Pilates socks, a small towel and water bottle for every class. Don't forget to wipe down your equipment after class ready for the next person.

Tip 3: Ask Questions!

Unsure why you are doing a particular exercise or what the purpose of the exercise is? Communicate with your physiotherapist throughout the session so they can ensure you are getting the most out of your class!


Tip 4: Focus on Technique

Whilst you are chatting with your Clinical Pilates Pals don't forget the reason why you are there! Maintain good breathing and body control throughout the session to reach your goals faster.


Tip 5: Be Consistent

Clinical Pilates sessions are designed to take you through a range of exercises from beginning to advanced, in order to reach your goals. The more consistent you are with attendance the quicker you will see all the great benefits regular Pilates practice can bring!!


Keen to try? Check our Pilates Timetables across all our clinics to find a location and time to suit you.







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